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In response to today's topic on Today's Author blog: I grew up as an only child and all I ever wanted was a brother. I remember having reoccurring dreams when I was a kid that I had a brother and someone kidnapped him. The dreams didn't stop until junior high.

Thirteen years ago while researching family history, I discovered that I actually had a twin brother who died at birth or shortly after. Both my parents had passed away by this time and there were no other relatives I could go to and ask about him. I cried for weeks and it took me ages to get over the shock.

My current WIP is about a thirteen year old girl whose twin brother is kidnapped by a bunch of fruitcakes, but it wasn't until I was actually telling someone about the plot line that I realised what I was writing about. There were more tears. The book will have a happy ending.

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Wow. That's an amazing insight into your WIP.  I'm sorry for all of the difficulties you had to go through to get any knowledge of your brother, but I'm glad you're finding a way to find inspiration from him and also that you're finding a way to give that story a happy ending.  The human mind is amazing and clearly you had a connection to your brother that few can or will understand. 

Good luck with the writing of your book!
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