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Having finished my first book - a YA mystery/crime novel, I was keen to have it edited properly. What I have now is a 4th draft...or maybe it's a 6th draft - I can't remember. So, I sent it off to an editor who worked with a publisher who was considering publishing my book.

I was expecting grammar, punctuation, double or missing words, inconsistencies, suggestions for revisions to phrases and sentences, without changes to the message, meaning, tone, or my voice. What I got back was a completely different novel. New characters had been added, my characters were in places they weren't supposed to be and doing things they didn't do, and a completely new scenario/plot had been added that made no sense. 

Am I right in thinking what was done ISN'T the job of an editor or is it usual for editors to change great swathes of a MS? 

I'm new at this publishing game, so a few ideas from you guys would really be appreciated.

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